Smart Investing Strategies

Smart Investing…Some Risk, Some Downside Protection

The stock market is inherently volatile. More so, it seems, in recent years and during the Covid-19 times in particular. As the markets go through their inevitable ups and downs, you want to participate in the up trends while protecting from downside participation.

There are a number of methods to limit the downside. Factoring in your risk tolerance, we will share these strategies with you, showing you how we limit the downside while keeping you in position to realize potential gains. We can even show you how to manage zero downside in return for accepting a limited or partial upside.

These strategies are especially beneficial for 401(k) money. It is our belief that since corporate pensions have virtually disappeared, that the existing corporate retirement plans have failed employees…with limited investment choices, zero income-for-life options and zero advice from the custodian, it’s no wonder that an overwhelming number of families are struggling to find retirement financial security. Let us show you how to take control of your retirement funds, make smart investment decisions and even create an income that you cannot outlive. The very reasons most of us have saved all those working years.

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